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Street art in Baguio. IG: @notactuallyra and @thelureofwander

Street art in Baguio City, Philippines.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyone around for me to scale the wall painting, but just to give you an idea, there are one-and-a-half taller than me. That doesn’t help ‘cause you don’t know how tall (or short) I am, does it?

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Eat Bulaga Indonesia franchise, a first for Philippine tv

The poster of the Indonesian version of The Philippines’ longest running variety show.


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Planeta Pilipinas today

*deep breath* Anne Marie Ojales Curtis-Smith tweeted this photo via Instagram five hours ago. It’s not Angelina Jolie, it’s her.

She will star in the Hollywood film Blood Ransom. In one of her tweets, she says that she is not the only Filipino in Blood Ransom.

Francis dela Torre, the cinematographer, director and writer of Subject: I Love You is also the writer of Blood Ransom.

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At Guinobatan, Albay.

Shelter. Rodel Omampo, Oil on Canvas, 2012.

November 25, 2049 solar eclipse shadow path.

The country in numbers. Sources: World Bank, CIA World Factbook.

CNN’s Eye On series.

Got nothing to do at the office earlier so I made this. Art from MS Word 2003. Eat that!