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Motor Vessel (MV) Doña Paz. 12/20/1987

Because it has been 100 years since the sinking of the RMS Titanic, which sank in the North Atlantic Ocean after it collided with an iceberg, I thought I should also post this.

Considered as the deadliest maritime disaster (peacetime) in history, the sinking (after it ignited) of MV Doña Paz killed some 4400 passengers and crew members. Only twenty-four of the passengers survived. The second deadliest peacetime maritime disaster killed 1900 people. Titanic, which is not even in the list of top ten worst maritime disasters, killed 1517 passengers and crews.

Here’s something: While the sinking of RMS Titanic killed passengers because of the cold waters, the sinking of MV Doña Paz killed passengers and crews because of the burning waters. The MV Doña Paz collided with Motor Transport (MT) Vector, an oil tanker. There were two survivors from the crew of MT Vector. There were no survivors from the crew of MV Doña Paz.

Yam Laranas, who directed The Road, made a documetary of the sinking of MV Doña Paz and its aftermath for the National Geographic Channel.


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